“John Prine meets a well-primed Sir John A. Macdonald”   (Toronto Star) 

If you like your songs with a little tongue in the cheek yet with their finger firmly on the pulse of the human condition, then Tyler Ellis is for you. “Tell the soundman to mix it for my mom; she likes to hear a lot of me.” (Music as Usual)

Tyler Ellis has worn two musical hats for a long time. Two wonderful musical hats. On the one hand, a critically acclaimed, award winning singer/songwriter; on the other, an award winning, music teacher. With the 2019 release of the double album, Well-Season, Ellis confidently throws both hats into the ring.  His wry, thoughtful songs about love and life in The Great White North comfortably rubbing shoulders with his songs about the seasons, Venn-Diagrams, and counting to ten.  If you like your songs with a little tongue in cheek yet with their finger firmly on the pulse of the human condition then you've come to the right place. Tyler Ellis and his band The Eddy Line deliver a folky, country, bluesy sound that strikes a uniquely Canadian chord. 

Over the years, Tyler has shared a lot of music with a lot of people. Whether hosting the long running Riverboat Monday Open Stage, performing shows solo and with his band, The Eddy Line, writing ditties for CBC Kids (Days of the week song), co-writing with The Julian Taylor Band, talking about music education on CBC Ideas (Ballad of the Tin Ears), presenting university lectures on the joy of singing (“Bad Singer/Good Singer with author Tim Falconer), or just working on his craft, for Tyler it’s always just “Music as Usual” (track 2). The 21 tracks included on the new release – the quintessentially Canadian content of My Brother’s in the NHL, West Coast Ways, Canadian Heart, and Blue Nose; the insightful social commentary of Out Tonight, Mwa Mwa, Music as Usual, Preaching to the Choir and All the Power; the Fam-Jam good times of the season songs, Venn Diagram, and One to Ten and back again; and, the love stories of Lost on the Bridge, Stuck in my Ways and Glory - all reflect Ellis’ long-time commitment to telling our stories with humour and humility. 


Folk Music Ontario Songs from the Heart Award 2019 for the song "Pick you up" co-written with The Julian Taylor Band 

Toronto Star Readers’ Choice Music Instructor Diamond Award 2019 

Better than the real you (1992) 
Straid Hill (1994) 
Horseshoes and Handgrenades (1998) 
Tyler Ellis Live (2004) 
Straid Hill (Remix 2012) 
Northern Bliss (2012) 

Well-Seasoned (2019) 

“Your Smile” (single) ~ on Stir it up Someday compilation (2020)


fingers crossed for some in the flesh shows in the not too distant future. 


soooooo... lotsa new music going on. The new double record, Well-Seasoned, is in the stream and you can catch it wherever you like to fish for your tunes (apple music, spotify, etc). Also, a new single, "Your Smile", released on the amazing compilation release, Stir it up Someday, the brainchild of David Macmichael who along with being one of my fav singer/songwriters runs the open mic called Stir it up Sundays at the Relish Bar in Toronto. This single is just one of a pile of tunes I recorded in the bunkie at Straid Hill while waiting on the pandemic.  Mark Thackway adds his sweet licks and backup vocals on this one. It can be heard on the Stir it up Someday Bandcamp site. 




"One of Canada's best songwriters" (Julian) 

"The best music teacher to ever walk the earth" (Posey) 

"Tyler Ellis' voice is like smooth silk graced by a warm sunbeam on his track 'Your Smile'" (Joanne Clayton, chef/owner of Relish Bar)

"John Prine meets a well-primed Sir John A. Macdonald... with Crazy Horse playing backup."  (Mitch Potter, Toronto Star()

TORONTO SINGER'S FIRST DISC POURS OUT WRY WITH A TWIST. Ellis, ... has put together an outstanding debut record that measures up with humor, humanity and a wonderfully heartworn, poetic muse about life in the Great White North." 

- Mitch Potter, Toronto Star 

"You're going to love this." 

- Bob McAdorey, Global Television 

"Ellis has a gift for songwriting and a wonderful sense of humour." 

- Midland Free Press 

"A fine singer / songwriter fronting a kicking band." 

- Lenny Stoute, Toronto Star 


- Kathryn O'Hara, CBC 

"A collection of wry disarming songs." 

- John Northcott, CBC